Games to Play Indoors

We love go kart racing, whether on the race track, an obstacle course, or even down our local street. Of course, always drive your go kart in a safe and responsible manner. There’s nothing like speeding along in your little buggy, whether to race your friends head to head or just enjoying the thrill of the speed and forces on your own.

There’s also a lot of variety of the type of go karting you can do, whether it’s on a normal asphalt track or to even a dirt or off-road type of surface.  Each of these types of scenarios has it’s own characteristics and it gets to be a ton of fun.  Dry asphalt is great for sticky tires being glued to the surface as you drive and giving you great traction for high speed turns and overall handling.  Make the track wet either with a hose spraying water or when it’s raining, and you now have the opposite situation, where the tries are breaking free from their grip on the road and you can get into some exhilarating slides and even spins.

This can be a similar effect that you would get on dirt, mud, or sand type of surfaces.  If you’re lucky enough to be able to kart around on these surfaces, there can be a whole different level of fun that comes your way.  The dynamics can be a lot different in terms of slides around the corners and even elevation changes and going up and down on bumps and all of the natural surfaces.  You need to make sure you have the right equipment, though, as a suspension for on-road activities is completely different than off-road activities.  The same goes for tires and also don’t forget that the same elements that bring the fun also bring a huge mess to your equipment.  Some extra work is definitely required to clean and maintain your gear in these situations.

When the weather gets really nasty and you can’t race or choose not to because it won’t be as much fun or just not appropriate, this is where we turn indoors for our entertainment.  Since we still like to remain fairly active, we love games such as table tennis, foosball, and other things that allow us to move our bodies.  When playing ping ping, you want an amazing paddle with great spin to really get you into playing an active style of table tennis.  Choose your weapon wisely and have a great time with loops and spinny shots to destroy your opponent!