How To Race With Go Kart| Tips And Tricks

Whether you’re going karting with your friends, family, colleagues or with a complete stranger certainly you’d want to cross the line first. To make your go karting experience enjoyable and challenging it is best to improve your skills. Perhaps you might say that you’re only doing it as a hobby but eventually you’ realize that you need to obtain few tricks for you to win the race.

There are few things that you need to consider when it comes to hosting your next go karting event. To make things exciting and memorable, here are tips and tricks that you may want to apply at any hosting events such as birthday parties, team building and corporate events.

Tips and Tricks

1. Sitting in proper position- this may sound very simple yet not everyone are doing it right. When it comes to go karting, you need to be in a proper positioning. It is important to maintain a posture that wouldn’t cause any means of muscle disturbances. More so, with a good posture, you will be able to handle go karting as you accelerate in your game.

2. Use a grip that is symmetrical to the wheel- regardless of your skills whether you’re a 10 or a 2 or have other different combination, make sure that your hands are handling the wheels in a symmetrical grip. This will give you more precise control as you turn and maneuver you’re the wheel. Mind you, if you are not in the proper position and you are not gripping the wheel correctly, eventually, you end up wasting your time in correcting your path.

3. Do not lose your momentum- it is essential to maintain that speed and momentum. Anticipating your next moves matter and avoid unnecessary sudden breaks or slowing down. As much as possible, keep your speed at all times.

4. Keep your direction straight ahead- this is another trick that you can speed up your karting experience. Always look straight and ahead. Do not try to swerve or turning around as this will limit or reduce your speed.

5. Make your riding experience as smooth as possible- as mentioned, always drive straight and look up ahead. If you ever swerve, brake or alter your acceleration will only limit your speed and you will end up losing the game. More so, if you want to turn around to the next track avoid using brakes.

6. Accelerator and brake- the tendency for other go karting riders is that they simultaneously use the brakes and acceleration all together which is not a good idea. Know when to use these skills, which is why learning it more makes a lot of difference.

7. Following your leaders- if you are still starting with a trail, it is best that you follow those fast drivers who are avoiding slow drivers. As you are able to follow, it is the best time to work your way up but in a safer pace of distance.

8. Driver with a faster pace wins- of course; if you are slow you will won’t be able to reach the goal faster. So, make it to a point that drag a race with proper skills and with a good mind setting.

The best trick is by learning the hard way and if you have the patience and to enjoy the event, you will realize how much you have gained benefits. The knowledge are unlimited as long as you are open to new things. And if you happened to be a go karting enthusiast, this is the best time for you to consider earning more skills with other members.

If you’re lucky, then your local race track may have the larger edition go karts and some even have sound systems.  So, you can have an awesome time racing and listening to great music as a fun soundtrack!